Chris Bryce

SfEP category: Intermediate
Phone: 07795 109235

Great text grabs your reader’s hand and takes them where you want them to be. For this journey to happen your words need to be impactful, professionally presented and free of errors. That’s a tall order and communication that falls short can affect your organisation or your projects. This is where I can help.

If you need a complete rewrite, new wording for a website, a ‘sense check’ of your material or if working through the details of grammar, spelling and appropriate presentation aren’t skills that your team has, or has time for, then Spotlight Editorial is here to assist you.

Spotlight offers a comprehensive copy writing, copy-editing and proofreading service. This combination resolves any problems with written documents, from online web copy through to complex corporate communications, annual reports and marketing materials.

Most of my clients come from the private, public and voluntary sectors, and I also enjoy working with independent authors and academics. I ensure your written material is accurate, meaningful, compelling and true to your aims. You benefit from excellent communication that adds to your reputation and helps fulfil your needs.

As a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and an entry-level member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, I am supported in my work by excellent professional bodies. I have ten years of experience in writing, editing and proofreading for organisations and individuals. I hold a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Arts and Social Sciences and a Certificate in Health Economics. These qualifications have proved invaluable to my work on a range of short and long term editing and proofreading contracts.

I’m happy to work on very large and tiny projects and am noted for my patience, humour and willingness to meet deadlines.

A range of testimonials and a client list are available on my website, and you can email me at or give me a call on 07795 109235.