Peter Howe

CIEP category: Intermediate
Phone: 07745 908408


With a background in creative writing, fiction and poetry, my passion is for language and text. These disciplines teach the significance of each word, space, punctuation and formatting, in communicating nuances of meaning.

I undertake all types of work, having copy-edited and proofread various genres of work: novel, short story, travel writing, memoir, student essays, journals and non-fiction.

I have an MA in Creative Writing & Publishing (West Dean College 2017).


‘The first piece I had Peter Howe edit was, no coincidence, the first piece I had published. Thanks to Peter’s creative insights as well as his proofreading, my work has improved across all fields.’

James Patterson: is a Glasgow-based travel and fiction writer. The piece he refers to can be found in Overland magazine:

‘Writing is not a social art; it requires the presence of a familiar voice upon the often long and lonely path of words. Peter Howe is this voice – honouring the subject, keeping my reader on board, affirming my voice…’

Mike Chase: is a Psychodrama Psychotherapist, a Mask Practitioner, and the author of Mask, Hawthorn Press 2017


‘I am delighted to have found Peter Howe. He is meticulous without being pedantic; his modifications and corrections are sensitive and thoughtful and always clarify the text.’

Johannes Steuck: is an artist and the author of The Catacombs, Vox Humana, 2002