Eleanor Abraham

CIEP category: Advanced Professional
Email: eleanorbabraham@gmail.com
Twitter: @EBAeditorial
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/abrahameleanor
Website: eleanorabraham.com

Fiction | Non-Fiction | Layouts and Ebooks

Fiction projects

Whatever stage you are at in your writing, I can help. Not sure what that stage is? Let me evaluate your text and give advice. If you’re self-publishing I can handle the typesetting (formatting) of your print edition and ebook, including that final vital proofread of your layout.

Services for publishers and independent authors:

  • Copyediting and line editing – all edits are done in MS Word via Track Changes.
  • Proofreading – onscreen editing in MS Word; onscreen mark-up of final proofs using Acrobat PDF comment tools, and input of final changes into InDesign
  • Formatting – typesetting and ebook production using InDesign.
  • Manuscript assessment – optimum presentation of your novel, advice on self-editing, assistance with an effective synopsis to submit to agents and publishers.
  • Developmental/substantive editing – advice on structure, content and marketability of non-fiction texts. Advice on narrative, characterisation, point of view, and plotting in fiction.
  • Publishing support for independent authors.

About me
I’ve been in publishing for about 25 years, and a freelance editor since 2013. Things have changed a lot over those years and I’ve changed with them. I’ve edited and typeset hundreds of books of all kinds and I’m still enjoying it. You love writing and want your writing to be the very best it can be, and so do I. The best part of my job is meeting people, and I look forward to every new project!

Employers and clients

  • DC Thomson Books
  • Waverley Books
  • Geddes & Grosset
  • The Sunday Herald
  • The Daily Record
  • Parragon
  • Lomond Books
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Blasted Heath
  • Bastei Lübbe, Bastei Entertainment
  • O’Reilly Media
  • Pearson
  • NeoText
  • Helen Exley

Crime fiction
I specialise in editing commercial fiction, particularly crime fiction. I’ve worked on several crime series – from cosy crime to police procedural – working directly with authors, and also with in-house managing editors.

  • Max Allan Collins: Fancy Anders Goes to War, Fancy Anders Goes to Hollywood, Fancy Anders: For The Boys (Neotext)
  • Max Allan Collins and Dave Thomas: The Many Lives of Jimmy Leighton (Neotext)
  • Matt Costello and Neil Richards (Cherringham and Mydworth Mysteries series for Bastei Lübbe)
  • Keith Nixon (Solomon Gray series)
  • Ed James (Scott Cullen and Craig Hunter series)
  • TS Hunter (Soho Noir series for Red Dog Press)

Published writing
For Waverley Books:

Over 20 years I’ve typeset hundreds of titles, including, most recently:

Computer science titles I’ve proofread or copyedited

Educational titles and textbooks

  • Copyediting and proof-editing computer science titles for O’Reilly Media
  • Reading against copy and proofreading economics textbooks for Pearson Australia
  • Packaging new reference titles, and repurposing material for international clients, to suit specific curricula, for Geddes & Grosset and Waverley Books


  • The Glasgow Cookery Book
  • Maw Broon’s Cookbook
  • Maw Broon’s But an’ Ben Cookbook
  • Maw Broon’s Afternoon Tea Book
  • The Complete Book of Mince
  • Traditional Scottish Recipes
  • Mad About Macarons
  • Teatime in Paris
  • Broths to Bannocks


  • Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)
  • Partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)
  • Associate member of the Crime Writers’ Association (CWA)
  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers’ Association (EFA)
  • Member of the Society of Authors (SOA)
  • Member of Scottish PEN


Eleanor is one of the best in-house editors I have ever worked with in my very long and varied writing career. She is not only highly competent in all the usual editorial skills, but recognizes the importance of regular communication between publisher and author in the course of a project. Perhaps most importantly, she has a high degree of patience and a good sense of humour!
Betty Kirkpatrick – writer and lexicographer

I had the pleasure of working with Eleanor for several years at the Sunday Herald. Eleanor was a trusted member of the subbing team and respected for her careful, sensitive approach to copy and her thorough proofreading skills. I would have no hesitation recommending Eleanor for any words-related job.
Penny Murray – journalist, editor and writer

Eleanor is a pleasure to work with – always helpful and willing to put in the effort to ensure a job is completed to the highest standard. She is a tenacious problem solver and meticulous when checking and researching. I have found her to be highly creative, offering suggestions and ideas for improvement. Eleanor is an all-rounder – a highly skilled and experienced editor whom I would have no hesitation in recommending for fiction, non-fiction and journalistic work.
Heather Moore – graphic designer and content creator

Eleanor is a diligent and thorough editor who can both work on her own initiative and also follow direct instructions to complete work in a timely fashion, all done in a professional and friendly manner.
Frances Traynor – content writer and editor

Eleanor is a highly experienced, well organised and conscientious editor. Her project management skills are first class and enhanced by an all-round knowledge of the publishing process, so her projects are much simpler for production and marketing teams. Having worked with Eleanor on many projects over a number of years I can say that her professionalism, knowledge, patience and teamwork make her a pleasure to work with and have made a huge difference to many difficult projects.
Craig Brown – production manager, presentations manager

I worked with Eleanor several times on major events and projects. Eleanor was responsible for written publications and graphic input for promotional literature and on-site large-scale promotional builds. She has been a pleasure to work with and has always impressed me with her dedication and commitment. Her attention to detail is always welcome as well as her creativity and originality. I would thoroughly recommend her.
Rose Dummer – broadcaster, cake artist at Extreme Cake Makers, Channel 4