Fergus Paton

Fergus Paton
CIEP category: Professional
Email: patonfergus@gmail.com

‘Fergus was efficient, meticulous, sensitive, clearly informed, and engaged.’
Prof. Gordana Yovanovich (co-editor, Re-Imagining Community and Civil Society in Latin America and the Caribbean)

Hello. I help you overcome the challenges of producing clean text so your readers can focus on the content.

I work regularly on nonfiction material in American as well as British English, including academic texts (articles, papers, dissertations/theses), commercial copy (presentations, reports, web content, magazine articles, product descriptions) and informational text (training manuals, user guides).

I’ve been a self-employed copy editor and proofreader since 2014. With an undergraduate degree in economics and a postgraduate MBA, my background includes sports coaching, pedorthics, teaching English as a second language (ELT), business (retail director), and sales (B2B and B2C), amongst others.

I have worked with individual authors and organisations, including Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative, University of Stockholm Business School, the BBC, Ratio Institute, Molde University College, and Gothenburg Research Institute.

Current interests include creative and general nonfiction texts, including the social sciences, allied health, medical humanities, general business, sports, and ELT.