David Smith

CIEP category: Intermediate Level
Email: d.smith109x@gmail.com
Mobile: 07900 371 891

I offer editing and proofreading services, working in the following formats – hardcopy, pdf and Word files.

I recently started a career in editing and am currently completing a number of courses run by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders to advance my knowledge and skills.

I previously worked as a Chartered Librarian, specialising in reference and local history information services. This would often require meticulous work and high levels of sustained concentration and focus (for example, complex enquiry research; creating and assigning metadata), attributes that now are proving to be invaluable in my editing work.

To date, I have edited and proofread a range of material, mainly in the field of Scottish history, both local and national, including journal articles, books, report literature, ephemeral items, exhibition text, theses and dissertations. I would now like to expand my editing work across different fields of knowledge.

Please contact me to discuss a job, and to receive a quote and an expected timescale.