Lucy Metzger

CIEP category: Advanced Professional

I am based in Glasgow. I work in a range of subjects …

  • biography and memoirs
  • fine arts and art history
  • history
  • international relations
  • management and business
  • music and musicology
  • philosophy
  • politics
  • psychology
  • social sciences

… and I have more than 20 years’ experience proofreading and editing books (both for general readership and for academics), journal articles, textbooks and educational materials. I am a tutor and mentor for the SfEP. I have a BA in French (Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, USA).

I’ll work in collaboration with you to get your text ready for your readers, helping you to achieve …

  • clear, unambiguous communication
  • maximum impact
  • a suitable tone and style
  • consistency and a coherent structure
  • appropriate formatting and layout

… and, naturally, good spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I have a couple of specialisations:

  • I can prepare UK texts for US audiences, and vice versa. (I lived the first half of my life in the USA and have spent the second half in the UK: London and then, fortunately, Scotland.)
  • I read music and can proofread musical notation for accuracy and completeness.

If you’d like me to supply a quote for you, please get in touch and tell me about your project. It will be useful if you can let me have a sample of text (about 1,000 words), a description of the work you need done, an idea of your schedule, and an estimate of the length of your complete text.

I look forward to hearing from you.